Public Speaking Coach

Learn effective techniques to improve your public speaking skills and become a more confident, dynamic public speaker.

Businessmen Coach

Business Coach

Learn powerful skills to navigate the complexities of leadership and business ownership.  Inspire your team.
Renew your energy.

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Sports Performance Coach

Excel in sports. Thrive under pressure, recover faster. Maintain focus.
Gain the mental edge.



Why Get A Peak Performance Coach?

Coach Kiomi empowers her clients to leverage their innate skills and passions towards practical, sustainable solutions.  Her peak performance coaching can help you:

  • Become a strategic, inspiring contributor.
  • Produce sustainable growth and generate breakthrough results.  
  • Increase mental toughness to remain calm and confident in high pressure situations.
  • Master communication skills to inspire your team, company and community.
  • Unlock creativity, charisma, and build trusted influence.
  • Free Consultation

    Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

    If you are looking for new skills to get from point A to B, Kiomi is worth contacting.  She is knowledgable, inquisitive and an excellent listener with the ability to influence complex, critical thinkers like me. 
    Jack R., Attorney
    Kiomi is uniquely skilled.  Her ability to accurately pinpoint the core problem and provide guidance toward a timely resolution is effective and impressive.
    Steve B., Senior VP
    Kiomi helped me address what seemed like an insurmountable personnel issue.  Her insight into the situation and understanding of an employee whom she never met was uncanny.
    Suzanne W., HR Director


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