Welcome to Day 16

Today’s Coaching Session focuses on:

  • Priming your mind for positivity
  • Developing the attitude of gratitude

Suggested homework:  Focus on your sense of sight today and identify 2-3 reasons why you are grateful for this sense.

The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge:  Countless studies have shown that just 7 days of practicing gratitude can reduce depression and boost happiness for 3-6 months.  Optimism increases  productivity, creativity, adaptability and motivation.  Join me on this 7 day gratitude journey!

Here is your 16th Podcast.  Enjoy!

PODCAST:  Peak Performance For Life (PPFL) Day 16   08:51

The following two podcasts are less than 2 minutes and will help guide you in your practice today.  If you like, you can listen to them 2-3 times today for positive reinforcement.

PODCAST 2:  The gift of sight 01:34

PODCAST 3:  The miracle of your senses 00:48  

Watch this 12 min. video about Sam Bern, a 17 year old young man with Progeria disease and his secrets to happiness.

For more information on how gratitude and positivity can boost your performance, listen to these podcasts, Day 13: Strengthening OptimismDay 1: Self-mastery and Positivity

Here is the list of suggestions for optimizing your participation in this Peak Performance for Life Program.  Remember this is a process, be patient with yourself.  Take small steps, and on some days those steps are simply moments of reflection and deepening self-awareness.

Sneak Preview  for tomorrow

  • Another brief podcast to help strengthen your ability to see good things, no matter how small or large, it makes a difference.


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