Welcome to Day 2

Today’s coaching lesson focuses on:

  1. The single most effective thing you can do to increase your chances of completing a goal.
  2. The times of day your self-control muscle is strongest and weakest.
  3. What interval training is, why you need to do it and how it can strengthen your self-control muscle.
  4. Bonus ending: The mindset you want to cultivate to achieve the greatest success in this program and life.

Here is your second Podcast.  Enjoy!

PODCAST:  Peak Performance For Life (PPFL) Day 2  14:31

Homework Tip:  Plug in the formula described in today’s podcast and make it very clear and specific.  If applicable, add the time of day, which days (the frequency) and the length of time you will do this activity (duration).   Remember, this plan can be changed each week as needed.  It is not set in stone.  You can try it a few days to see how it works.  If better plan emerges, great, modify it.  Flexibility is a key to success.

Sneak Preview of Tomorrow

  • A powerful 15 second exercise that one of the greatest coaches in history taught his athletes.
  • The 25 second calming and refreshing technique used by the top tennis players
  • A 5 minute exercise to strengthen your self-control muscle


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