Sports Peak Performance Coaching.

Peak Performance runnerPeak performance in life and sports requires specific skills you can acquire to perform, compete, and excel, faster, better and stronger.

Over the last several decades, the Science of Success has identified 5 core competencies of top performers.  Coach Kiomi can help you master these five essential skills.




5 Core Competencies For Peak Performance

1. Disciplined mental focus

  • Effectively block out distractions
  • Pay attention to factors that enhance success
  • Stay fully engaged and mentally present
  • Maintain mental clarity and concentration

2.  Constructively problem solve

  • Constructively analyze strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish a clearly defined, systematic process to achieve goals
  • Reassess and refine targeted milestones and objectives

3.  Effectively manage emotions

  • Diffuse intense emotions
  • Stay cool under pressure
  • Maintain flexibility and adaptability
  • Enhance energy, enthusiasm, and motivation
  • Respond efficiently and effectively in the heat of competition

4.  Activate predicable zone states

  • Elicit states where performance is consistent, automatic, and fluid
  • Respond and execute with minimum effort
  • Elevate energy and maintain momentum

5.  Strengthen a positive mental attitude

  • Increase positive self-talk and positive reinforcement
  • Foster optimism and “I can do it” mindset
  • Maintain confidence despite set backs, disappointments, or challenges
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We were concerned when our son dropped out of football practice.  He used to live and breathe football until after one bad season he wasn’t himself.  We are glad to report he is playing again.  Seeing him happy and smiling before practice and excited about each game is more than we could have asked. Thank you!
Rachel & Jim E., Parents


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