ah-ha-kiomi-blog Welcome to the “Ah ha” blog!

This is the place where i share “ah ha” insights from great thinkers, leaders, movers and shakers.  A transformative place where secrets to success are revealed, uncovering golden nuggets of wisdom, courage, and endurance. These dynamic insights hold the power to awaken “ah ha’s” within you, opening your mind to new realms of possibilities – innovative ideas, ground breaking lessons, and radical methods to lead, to manage, and perform more effectively, more powerfully and more passionately than ever before.

The process of personal growth – developing yourself as a leader, innovator, or superstar performer – requires deep reflection and self awareness. We are all blind to certain parts of our psyche.  Rarely in this outwardly focused world do we take time to reflect – dig deep, explore the shadows or the light of our inner world. As you read these articles, i invite you delve deep into the recesses of your soul, the places that hurt, that confuse, and that sing and dance.  When we do this we unlock doors that have inhibited our greatness. We are able to unleash our hidden powers and jump fully and freely into the game of life. Daring to fail, daring to dream, daring to fly. Free at last to live life to its fullest!

We are transitioning into an age of transcendence, where meaning is more important than materialism. People are seeking the path to a purpose driven life, emotional fulfillment, and pushing the envelope, no longer accepting the status quo. People want to be the best version of themselves and are in need of tools, training and coaching to achieve this.

This blog is intended to provide you such tools, tips and wisdom. i look forward to your companionship and partnership as we blaze new trails together, stand on the shoulders of the great ones before us, and push ourselves beyond what we ever dreamed possible!

Viva la vida loca! Live the crazy life. Dare to dream big dreams. Be bold. Be brave. Live your life out loud. You are destined for greatness!

Steve Jobs narrating, “here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels … the ones who see things differently.  They are not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo.  They change things.  They push the human race forward. The people who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do.”

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P.S. Why do i intentionally use the lower case “i”? To cultivate a sense of selflessness as a conscious reminder to be free from the ego. The most inspiring leaders and influencers answered a calling that was greater than themselves. They realize they were simply vessels to uplift those around them. My purpose is to be used as an instrument of peace, love, and empowerment. None of what i do is about “me” the ego. It is about the “we,” you and me, as connected human beings working together for the greater good.


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